Samsung galaxy s22 ultra : full camera specifications

 Samsung galaxy s22 ultra: camera specifications

A few days ago we got almost a complete spec sheet of Galaxy S22 which revealed its battery capacities, storage options, and all of that stuff. Today we're hearing about the Galaxy S21 Ultra which shows it might not be all that different from the S21 Ultra. Plus we have some live demos of a couple of key camera features of the S22.

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First up according to Galaxy Club who are very reputable the S22 Ultra will once again come with two telephoto cameras. One will be a 10MP 10x optical periscope zoom camera while the other is a 10MP 3X telephoto camera. So, same as the predecessor. They clarify that Samsung will stick to a 108MP main camera, backed by a 12MP ultrawide lens. The whole camera hardware is going to be identical to the S21 Ultra. 

Now, whether or not the phone will come with the continuous zoom camera aka variable zoom camera is questionable. Because GalaxyClub mentions that they didn't get any information about the continuous zoom camera on the S22 Ultra. 

But that doesn't automatically mean it won't feature it because as the saying goes the Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. I guess we'll have to wait and see but Oppo has already showcased the continuous zoom at their event held a few days ago. Although they didn't reveal it in a finalized handset they showcased how this technology will considerably improve the quality of zoomed-in pictures.

Compare with oppo:

 For starters, the S21 Ultra takes great pictures at native zoom levels that are 3x and 10X but anything in between the quality diminishes because the sensor will rely on digital zoom and sensor-cropping, which is effective, if you want a usable photo, but not ideal at all.

 On top of that, you'll see color shifting, inconsistencies in white balance, and more. But continuous zoom overcomes these situations. As you can see, Oppo has showcased how much of a big difference this hardware makes to the sharpness, colors, and white balance when you are zooming in at nonnative zoom levels. So this will turn out to be a huge upgrade if Samsung decides to equip this technology on the S22 Ultra. But will they, I guess we'll have to wait and see. Anyway, Galaxy Club also confirms that the S22 and S22+ will feature 50MP RGBW sensors. 

For content, the S21 features an RGB sensor. Interestingly Oppo has also showcased this sensor at the same event. Oppo claims this new sensor improves the color accuracy and light sensitivity by up to 60%, taking low-light photography to new heights. It also makes portraits more expressive in both photo and video with skin, texture, and contrast enhancements.


So if we talk about the improvements compared to this year's Galaxy S phones, the regular S22 models will see a massive jump in camera quality compared to the Ultra models. Now if we talk about the other aspect of the phone then the S22 series doesn't offer anything much. The punch hole camera will still be there, the design of the phone will pretty much remain identical with some minor tweaks. 

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