iPhone 13 pro max vs Samsung galaxy s21 ultra: which is best

 iPhone 13 pro max vs Samsung galaxy s21 ultra:  

Welcome to the official apple day the iPhone 13 series is finally here it's time to see how apple's absolute unit the maxed-out iPhone 13 pro max stacks up against Samsung’s galaxy s21 ultra.

 even though we don't have massive jumps compared to the previous generation but we have some amazing new pro-level features from apple that can actually give a tough time to the ultra flagship from Samsung

Price compare:

 Now times have changed pricing wise both phones are almost kidney-breaking expensive but this time since we don't have a galaxy note flash smartphone the s21 ultra is actually $100 cheaper than the iPhone 13 pro max which starts at $1100.

Storage option:

Now depending on the storage option you can go higher up with Samsung you have the 256GB option but with the iPhone, you not only get 512gb but also all the way up to 1 TB option which goes for about $1600.

Most people will be going for the base pricing so you're getting 128 GB of base storage on both phones and no we don't have the expandable storage on Samsung anymore in case you were wondering.

Design compare:

Now, design-wise it's not a surprise the iPhone 13 pro max largely remains the same compared to the previous models we have slightly thicker camera lenses a slightly thicker body thanks to a bigger battery, and a smaller notch which doesn't look that much changed compared to the previous model it's still no match for Samsung’s clean-looking punch-hole design it's crazy you can actually pick any year and Samsung always does better when it comes to the front display design compared to the iPhone.

Display compare:

 Both phones are having a pretty large display as usual 6.7 inches on the 13 pro max while the galaxy s21 ultra has about a 6.8-inch screen now we have a 120-hertz refresh rate on the 13 pro max this is probably the last flagship phone to have the 120-hertz refresh rate and I gotta say better late than never thanks to Samsung we actually have LTPR refresh rate technology on iPhone as well so refresh rate can switch from 120 hertz all the way up to 10 hertz to conserve more battery both displays will be stunning but Samsung display is still a little bit brighter coming at 1500 peak brightness apart from the brighter display let's not forget the s21 ultra is also compatible with the s pen.

 you actually get galaxy note features on Samsung’s s21 ultra because there is no note phone so this kind of combines the best of both worlds for those who need something that iPhone 13 pro max cannot do.

Back design:

 As for the back design both phones have their unique look it's going to come down to personal preference as far as the material is concerned both phones are super-premium we have a matte finish iPhone has that sharp boxy design look with more colors galaxy s21 ultra, on the other hand, is a little bit more rounded which can be a bit of an advantage for some people as far as holding in one hand.

it's actually lighter than the iPhone 13 pro max now if you're thinking why can't apple just get rid of the notch and do the punch hole it's because it has a face id built-in apple has built their ecosystem around the face id and it also doubles as a 3d camera which enables the brand new cinematic mode.

we've seen portrait videos on many android phones including galaxy s21 ultra for a while now but apple's approach is different and it's actually cinematic instead of applying a blur filter to the back of the subject which most phones are doing including the galaxy s21 ultra apple has implemented the technique called rack focus which basically pulls the focus from the subject and the background and it looks super cinematic it works with both front and back camera.

one thing to keep in mind is that both apple's cinematic mode and Samsung’s portrait video mode is limited to 1080p video mode only so no 4k but as far as the implementation goes apple has an upper hand.

Chips and processors:

As for the performance apple still leads the way apple is claiming that they have the world's fastest smartphone chip and they're actually right whether you have the snapdragon 8 model or the Exynos 2100 model of the s21 ultra they stand no chance against the apple a15 chip they actually can't even beat last year's apple a14 this year's a15 chip is similar to a14 with not a huge jump when it comes to CPU but apple has gone heavy on the GPU side of things creating possibly the strongest GPU on any phone right now as far as the benchmark performance numbers and fps is concerned the iPhone 13 pro max has an edge over the s21 ultra when it comes to the real-life usage yes we still have flagship chip on the s21 ultra for daily day-to-day apps there may not be a huge difference but we'll be testing out everything very very soon.

Camera specs:

Now let's talk about cameras in the past few years Samsung consistently had a pretty good edge over Apple in terms of versatility and that is actually still true because the iPhone 13 pro max still doesn't offer a periscope zoom setup it's still coming at 3x optical zoom whereas we get up to 10x optical on the s21 ultra and it goes all the way up to 100x it may not be that much usable on that level but you still get a pretty decent look at 30 times to zoom.

 Apart from that zoom the iPhone 13 pro max now offers pretty much the same versatility as the s71 ultra now including a macro mode for the first time for both photos and videos.

 The biggest upgrade to the camera is with the ultra wide-angle lens now coming at f 1.8 aperture at 12-megapixel resolution compared to Samsung’s f 2.2 aperture at 12-megapixel resolution.

Thanks to a larger aperture apple will get more light to the sensor and considering how close the iPhone 12 pro max is in terms of its ultra-wide performance compared to the Estonian ultra the iPhone 13 pro max could possibly do better.

Night mode:

Both phones offer night mode with all lenses whether it's a zoom lens ultra-wide-angle lens front camera lens or the main lens speaking of the main lens not a lot has changed with that we now have a slightly larger f 1.5 aperture it's still a 12-megapixel sensor compared to Samsung’s 108-megapixel sensor as far as the images are concerned both phones will be neck and neck the only difference that you're gonna notice is with the colors and the skin tones when it comes to the video performance you're looking at some of the best video recordings that you can get out of a smartphone in 2021.

 The question right now is which one is offering those extra pro features?

 Now Samsung has an 8k video recording mode which in my opinion is very gimmicky whereas apple on the other hand for the first time offers a prores video recording mode yes you can shoot a raw video straight from the phone’s camera as a pro user you'll actually be able to do a lot more with color grading and everything in the post in my opinion apple's prores video is more of a professional move compared to Samsung’s 8k video recording while i do think the s21 ultra has the best video performance among all android phones apple still got the edge in the video game.

Software and other features:

 Now when it comes to the software we're going to get ios 15 on iPhone 13 pro max and very soon android 12 on the s21 ultra they'll both be similar in a lot of ways like the new widgets and of course the navigation system the security indicators all that good stuff still android will be better in customization whereas apple will be better with the third-party app optimization like with the Instagram and Snapchat both operating systems goes hand in hand with that being said Samsung does bring some great features to the table especially if you're in the windows ecosystem their phones will work wirelessly and seamlessly with windows machines.

 one of my favorite features on the s21 ultra is the wireless dex capability it transformed the S21 ultra into a desktop-like experience something that apple would probably never implement with the iPhone 13 pro max the s21 ultra compared to the iPhone still give you more of a supercomputer vibe where apple still have that closed ecosystem look still because of that walled garden and that closed ecosystem is gonna work great with the apple mac devices so depending on which ecosystem you belong to one will work better than the other.

  I will say apple is here the 13 pro max does deliver some really good features compared to the s21 ultra Samsung still overall provides more features like the s-pen capability periscope zoom it does still a notch ahead of apple when it comes to versatility but unlike last year this time apple has focused on extra features as well because I mean not much has changed so it was better to implement things like improved ultra violate lens which adds macro mode that cinematic mode looks pretty good prores raw video mode is pretty awesome it's gonna all come down to your preferences what do you guys think? let me know your thoughts regarding how the iPhone 13 pro max compares to the s21 ultra which side are you on drop your comments

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