iphone 13 series on the way:

 iPhone 13 series on the way:

 It is official apple has finally made the iPhone 13 event official it's gonna take place online on September 14th.

iPhone 13 Final leaks:

In this article, we'll be taking a look at some of the last-minute leaks regarding the iPhone 13 lineup plus a world-exclusive feature that may or may not happen on the iPhone 13 series.

 let's get right into it so first up let's break down the announcement teaser image as always we've got some features hidden in this teaser so looking at those stars in the background this is a clear sign of the astrophotography mode that apple is bringing on the iPhone 13 series.

New version:

 we've already heard that in the leaks also the way the text is appearing it says a sign of the always-on mode which is another feature rumored for the iPhone 13 lineup and based on the colors shown in the teaser we may be looking at a new bronze version of the iPhone 13 series so that's all the stuff that we can squeeze from the teaser image but we actually have quite a lot of last-minute leaks regarding the iPhone 13 series coming from the Twitter leakster pine leaks

“Fitting to the announcement of apple’s September event ,we are   publishing our report on apple’s upcoming products, including the iPhone 13, apple watch series 7 and 3rd generation air pods”

According to his info, the iPhone 13 event will also feature the new apple watch series 7 and 3rd generation of AirPods.

Price info:

Also, there won't be any price hike on the iPhone 13 lineup it's gonna mostly match the pricing of last year's model and just like last year.

Apple is looking to make the pro max variant the star of the show it's not just a bigger version of the iPhone 13 pro once again the main sensor cou

ld be bigger on this model hence differentiating it from the standard pro model.

iPhone 13 pro max features:

The iPhone 13 pro max will also offer the biggest battery jump we have ever seen on an iPhone so we could see 18 to 20 larger batteries compared to last year's model.

As for the 6.1 inch models we can expect a 10% increase in the battery just so you know the 120 hertz refresh rate is only coming to the iphone 13 pro lineup now speaking of 120 hertz mode if you switch to the low bar mode it's actually going to bring the refresh rate down to 60hz which is understandable to conserve the battery’


Once again it's four iphone models and this is going to be the last time we'll see the iphone 13 mini and apparently this time the mini will offer an increase of one hour of battery life compared to the previous generation.


As for the camera sensors we're going to see 15 more light whereas the ultra wide angle sensor will see the biggest change and he says it's going to get up to 40 percent more light probably because the sensor is getting the f 1.8 aperture and as discussed in the previous article the cinematic mode aka the portrait video mode is finally coming hopefully to all iphone 13 models there's going to be a number of different effects and apparently the software will make sure that the subject is close to the center of the frame so that it looks natural as we know apple is really good with their portrait mode and photos so i feel like they're going to deliver some pretty good result with this cinematic mode and finally we have the biggest upgrade to the night mode since.

it was officially launched back with the iphone 11 lineup according to pine leaks thanks to ai the night mode will be able to recognize stars in the scene and based on the conditions it's going to adjust itself automatically how much time it needs in order to render out that good night mode photo.

 Also, apple is said to improve the color science and night mode, especially with the skin tone so there won't be an orange tone that you may have experienced if you take night mode photos of yourself.



lastly, there will be a battery upgrade for the charging case of the AirPods third generation compared to the second generation however there won't be a lot of changes or improvements to the actual sound’

Apple watch 7 battery upgrade:

he also says that apple will bring a huge battery upgrade to the apple war series 7 something that i'm looking forward to as well because i'm not that satisfied with the battery performance on the current watch series 6. 

so  these were some of the last minute iphone 13 leaks other stuff includes a smaller notch apple a15 bionic chip with five millimeter plus technology prores video recording for the pro iphone 13 models in order to shoot raw videos taking things to the whole new level .

 last but not least as I mentioned in the beginning the article the world exclusive feature could come to the iPhone 13 lineup and that is low earth orbit satellite communication according to minshuku apple could bring the satellite communication feature on the iphone 13 series.

 which means iphone users will be able to make calls and send messages when there's no wi-fi or sim connectivity what's crazy is that apple has been working on this for the past few years and they could even launch their own satellites in the future now other notable apple leaksters such as mark german he has said that this may not happen on the iphone 13 series it's actually delayed so we'll see what eventually happens at the September 14th event will apple surprise us or not we'll see about that let me know your thoughts in the comment section below what do you think about the iphone 13 lineup are you excited. 

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