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iPhone 14 first look is here thanks to Jonathan Prosser what in the blue hell is going on we'll be taking a look at all the details plus what does it means for the iPhone 13 series which is officially coming on September 14th

iPhone 14 Pro (Image: Jon Prosser/ FrontPageTech YouTube video)

 let's get it on so john Prosser showed off the iPhone 14's design based on a real-life iPhone 14 prototype that he has seen of course for obvious reasons he didn't show off in his video this is very similar to what he did with the google pixel 6 series couple of months back where he looked at the pixel 6 prototypes and showed us some renders which later on turned out to be true but this, however, is different from anything else because the iPhone 14 is about a year away from now most likely there will be some changes it's too early but I will say it is very much spot on based on what we have already heard about apple's big iPhone 14 for 2022 for the first time ever we have a tiny small punch hole on the iPhone screen which looks so much better so much cleaner than the notch this is hands down the biggest design change to an iPhone since the original iPhone 10.

 what's even more incredible is that it's going to be the first iphone with face id under the display not the camera we can still see the punch hole but the actual face id true depth system is under that beautiful oled display hopefully it will work just like face id works on the current iphones and maybe even faster as i've said earlier apple has a full year to perfect this technology as for the design it's going to be thicker with no camera bump at all we have seen some form of camera bumps since the iphone 6 and it has only gotten more noticeable as we have seen with the current iphone generation so this new completely polished boxy design with completely flushed camera system it looks pretty stunning now here's the thing what does it mean for the iphone that apple will announce in a few days which is going to be the iphone 13 lineup well it's pretty freaking obvious that the iphone 13 is more of a s upgrade while there are some exciting things like the cinematic mode 120 hertz on ios the new ultraviolet lens astro night mode but overall it's still a s upgrade nothing major is happening when it comes to the design so if you're using the iphone dual lineup then understandably it's going to be a good decision to stay on these models if you're using the iphone 11 series especially the iphone 11 the one with the lcd display then in my opinion the iphone 13 pro models are bringing some good things to the table and i definitely think that is upgrade worthy lastly as i said things could still change it's a year-long release time until we see the iphone 14 so now as i said it's a year long time until we see the iphone 14 so things can still change but based on this prototype it's pretty obvious that apple is planning the biggest jump in its design since the iphone 10 from 2017. next year the iPhone will be reborn let me know your thoughts in the comment section below after seeing the iPhone 14's first look prototype look will you wait a year or are you gonna buy the iPhone 13 lineup drop your thoughts in the command below.

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